Friday, October 23, 2009

From 11, now down to 9

Disclaimer: The reason I am writing this blog now is because I am stuck in office waiting for someone to pick me up, hence a mass update, this is done after office hours but using office laptop..

23th Oct 2009
Today is another sad day for Company XYZ because we have lost another of our colleague who is now on the path of becoming a millionaire after leaving XYZ while the rest are still waiting for our Toto, 4D Magnum moment to come true...

There's no words to describe our dear colleague so pantun is the way to do I was told it's the most effective way to get the message across...

Gendang Gendut Tali Kecapi
Kenyang Perut Suka Hati
Si K** Y** macam family kami
Tengok dia pergi buat kami susah hati

Kami semua bertekad mahu pergi
Tapi mungkin bukan tahun ini
Kerana ekonomi bukan begitu baik sekali
Kami semua tentu akan rugi
So lebih baik dapat bonus baru pergi
Do you all agree?

Hari ini Ah Pa buat pantun buat pertama kali
Pantun itu agak silly
Saya sudah sangat sarcastic dan suruh dia belajar BM lagi
Harap harap dia akan take me seriously...
Supaya dia boleh improve dan challenge saya tiap tiap hari...

Saya akan berhenti setakat ini...
Supaya saya dapat balik rumah dan rest sepuas puas hati..
Pergi Gym esok pagi
Supaya tidak jadi macam si-fatty

Oh Si K** Y**, kami memang miss kamu di sini
Tanpa kamu, kami kurang happy
Tapi harap harap bila kamu kaya nanti
Jangan forget kami dan beli beg LV
Untuk kami semua di sini...Hehe...

Memoir of a Geisha (Jin K*k)

In Loving Memory of Jin K*K@XYZ(2007-2009)

-> He will be irreplaceble in terms of his jinness although jin loon is catching up
-> He has captivated hearts of many women of 40 or above regardless of their career -> His PMS and tantrums are rare to find in men, so it's really like a true gem
-> His cheerfulness and laughing out loud for nothing, voice as loud as the speaker plus the vulgarness is almost obsolete in any human race
-> His intellectual debate(in other words arguments) and spitting out saliva while arguing will be deeply missed
-> And looks well...he's really tall...

The below abstracts may contain some adult content, not appropriate for kids below 18, if you really want to view them , please ensure you have adult supervision because the below photos are really abstract and will give everyone a 3D effect upon viewing....

Subject: Jin K*K used to work in this company called XYZ. The photos below basically summarizes his life at XYZ

LIFE AT XYZ FROM 2007 to 2009